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We have recently been spending more time onboard which has given us time and motivation to tackle a number of projects - we have a big list!

One minor issue that has niggled for a while is that the water tanks show full all the time on the level gauges, despite the tanks being drained down and empty. This is potentially a big issue once we set off in the future as without water, life would be pretty short.

The system is pretty simple, a gauge at the chart table, a connecting wire and a level sensor at the other end in the tank. As the gauge moved when power was switched on, our starting point was to investigate the sensor end. This meant removing the saloon seat cushions and unscrewing the base board panels. We started on the starboard side, only to find that this tank did not have a sender. After reassembling this side, we dismantled the port side seats and found the sensor.

Fortunately there is also an access opening next to the sensor, which made it very easy to check the sensor. On opening the access panel we discovered the problem - the sensor arm and float were seized at the top of the tank, due to 25 years of scale buildup!

Six screws later, the sensor was removed and dismantled.

After soaking the scaled parts in a chemical descaler, Jen was able to free up the mechanism. One washer was corroded away so this was replaced after a quick trip to the local chandler.

Following reassembly, the next step was to recalibrate the mechanism so that the gauge would correctly read empty and full.

Fortunately everything worked, the gauge now reads empty, as it should and we have ticked another job off the list.

Along the way, we found an additional job - the tank vent tubing was coated with something black and horrible looking so we took a couple of hours to replace the new vent hose as well.

Until the next time, fair winds.

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