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Lets get ready to bake

Maintaining a happy crew is paramount when crossing oceans, after all who wants to end up being cast adrift in the South Pacific in a rowing boat, especially if your name is "Christian"?

Key to happiness is food, and I (and our friends) enjoy something sweet. Fortunately Jen loves to bake so the problem is partly solved. I say partly, because if you have ever tried to cook anything in a typical yacht (or even caravan) oven, you will know that it has two temperature settings....on, or off! To be fair though, Jen did once manage to cook a full Christmas dinner for 5 in a typical yacht oven.

Anyway, it just so happened that at the London Boat show earlier this year we met Julian from GN Espace who had some great ovens on display.

These actually have temperature control that is more controllable within the range of off - on - off, so we thought this could be the answer to the baking question.

Several weeks later we saw the same oven at Boot Dusseldorf and decided that we needed to have one if we were to avoid mutiny.

Well, to cut a long ramble short, our 4-burner Ocean Chef finally arrived yesterday at Berthon, where Robin and the skilled team of shipwrights will work to install this in our galley. For those of you that have tried Jen's cakes, you will know that this was a wise choice to boost crew morale.

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