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Making a cake - on a boat

As many of you know, I love to bake. I may not be very good but it gives me great joy to bake and cook for those I love. With that in mind, Christian and I quickly realised that we would need a very good cooker on the boat. I needed something that had a substantially more adjustable oven than most cookers on boats. This led to loads of research and to us eventually purchasing a GN Espace cooker for Jorvik Rose - you can read about it on an earlier blog.

Up until today, I had not baked any desserts on Jorvik Rose, I had used the burners and found them to be very good. So, today, Christian woke up and said, "Let's bake a cake." so I did.

I baked one of my favourites, a chocolate cola cake. Partly because it is not as important if it doesn't rise as much as it should so a good recipe for a first try. We walked into town and got all of the ingredients and threw it together. I just finished icing it and so far it looks perfect. It was truly wonderful to be sitting on our boat with the wonderful smell of a chocolate cake baking - a bit of heaven really.

We will taste it later today, when it cools off but I suspect that it will be as good as always. I am so pleased that I can bake on my boat! What a joy!!!

Life is pretty good.

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