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Time flies

How time flies.... the summer feels like it is nearly over already and we have made little progress on Jorvik Rose since the last post, as we have been focussed on projects at home. We have changed our plans a little and are now intending to stay here for a few years before we set off - this means that we are looking for jobs, which is really a lot tougher than expected as a result of Brexit.... maybe we have to change our plans again if things don't work out.

On the sailing front, we had a great weekend with our new friends Maria and Adam on their yacht 'Mariadz' and had an opportunity to sail in a different part of the UK. The weather was beautiful, the scenery and company fantastic and in the end a really lovely and relaxing weekend. It was strange to sail elsewhere, especially on the east coast as the water is not as deep as we are used to in the Solent - we were a mile offshore in about 6 metres of water! We sailed from Ipswich, down the river Orwell to the river Blackwater and Osey Island, where we anchored overnight - a nice pretty part of the world.

Along the way we also saw a number of massive offshore windfarms, the 'Ross Revenge' of radio Caroline fame and a Maersk Triple E container ship - truly massive at 399 metres long! We also came away with a list of ideas of things to add to Jorvik Rose, having seen these in practice on 'Mariadz'.

Oh, I almost forgot, 'Mariadz' has two ship's cats, Bonnie and Clyde, who were great companions and very well trained - hopefully Tiggy will be as well behaved once we move onto Jorvik Rose permanently.

This coming week we plan on spending more time onboard, hopefully to push forward on some of the open projects that we currently have, so I'll post more once we make some progress.

Until the next time, fair winds.

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