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Ship's cat

When we last saw Jorvik Rose the decking was finished and the windscreen was installed. From a distance she looked really great, but up close there were some issues. You may recall that in a previous blog we mentioned that the paint quality was not great and had to be redone. Well, on closer inspection, the quality was still really bad, so to cut a long story short, Jorvik Rose is having her third respray next week so we hope that it will be 'third time lucky'.

As there is not really much else to share on progress, I thought I would mention the ship's cat. She is a 3 year old rescue cat and her official name is "Tiger Lilly" although we know her as "Tiggy". We found her through the Cats Protection League, who have hundreds of lovely cats that are up for adoption. As soon as we met her, we knew that she was perfect - she started by licking me and trying to bite my nose! She has settled at home very quickly and rules, like all cats do! She also happens to be very photogenic.

As soon as Jorvik Rose is ready, we will be taking her onboard to allow her to get used to being onboard. Lots of people take cats to sea so she should be just fine, although our main concern is that she jumps, or falls over the side. As her colour would make her hard to see, we have invested in a life jacket for her so have been working on getting her used to wearing it, something that she is not so happy about just yet! She has a habit of flopping over and refusing to move.

Fortunately she is really easy going, calm and really loves people so we think she will be a perfect ship's cat.

That's all for now, I hope in the next blog to bring you more pictures of the finished deckwork on Jorvik Rose.

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