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Swiss gifts

So last night we had our leaving apero at Perron 9 in Oerlikon where we managed to enjoy 14 bottles of prosecco plus other various libations and great conversation with long time friends and colleagues.

One of the great gifts I was given was a Swiss Army knife which will be put to great use on our trip for the inevitable maintenance and repairs that we will need to undertake en route. I was also given a book on the Solar Impulse round the world flight and I must say that is something pretty amazing to be doing. Having learned to fly and gained my pilot's licence many years ago, it was always such a great feeling to step back on terra firma, even after a long "two hour" flight. At least when we cross the Atlantic we should be able to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time...

I'm also really looking forward to spending my Lego voucher, there are some really cool sets out there now, although as a grown up it seems rather strange to have Lego envy, but I am sure that there are many others that feel the same!

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