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Thank you, thank you and thank you!

I know this is a bit late, but I needed some time and distance so as not to be overly emotional. We have left Switzerland and it is very bittersweet. As I sit here typing, I am thinking of all of the wonderful friends and memories made. But enough of that and onto the good things.

Our last week in Zürich was hectic but also very fulfilling. I will try to give a summary and at the same time, try to express my profound gratitude for the time spent. We had a great lunch with Toby at Geisserei where we ate entirely too much. Then, later that evening we had a rijsttafel at Dapur Indonesia with Lisette, Iris, Toby and Michiel and again ate entirely too much. The next day, we had lunch with Sarah at Asiaway and guess what, we ate too much.

Here a big thank you goes out to Sarah for the wonderful gift she got for us. She gave us a beautiful guest book for Jorvik Rose. Neither Christian and I had even thought to get a guest book but as Sarah said, we will meet so many different and interesting people on our trip that we should make sure that we get a record of them. Thank you Sarah!

As Christian posted, we turned over our apartment and deregistered on Friday. Then we were homeless. Thankfully, Lisette, Iris and Moustache opened up their home to us.

We had a nice and relaxed Friday evening and woke up very refreshed on Saturday morning. In order to earn our keep, Christian and I helped to install some beautiful lamps over the dining table.

It was good that we installed the lamps as Lisette and Iris had planned a suprise party for us with our closest friends. I was shocked into silence. I may have seemed a bit distant but it was only because I was overwhelmed with emotion. We had a wonderful evening filled with laughter and good food. We also recieved some wonderful gifts to always remind us of Switzerland.

My favorite clock! A Mondaine SBB clock so that we always know what time it is on Jorvik rose

And, a very traditional Swiss cow bell.

Amelie the tiny with me.

Kian the destroyer.

Enjoying some good food and conversation.

Preparing more yummy food.

A wonderful evening was had by all.

We had another great nights sleep and woke up Sunday ready to relax. Iris and Lisette made a delicious breakfast and then we spent the day in the garden soaking up the sun. Late in the afternoon, we went to the airport and flew to England.

I am at a loss for words to express my feelings towards all of my friends, thank you for being you. I would not know what I would have done with out the companionship over the past years and I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Jorvik Rose!!!

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