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Water, water everywhere...

but fortunately not inside!

We recently got back from spending some more time in the US and popped down to Lymington to check Jorvik Rose. While in the US, I had seen on the BBC that parts of southern England had received a lot of rain and as a consequence suffered flooding. For some reason this then gave me nightmares a couple of times, with a bad feeling that everything inside Jorvik Rose was floating in inches of water... hence the quick trip to check.

We met up with Ron and Barbara over tea on Bluefin and it was really nice to spend a few hours chatting and catching up. Satisfied that all was well, we headed home. Subsequently there has been more rain in England, surprise surprise so we have not been able to complete anymore work on the deck at the moment. We also now have a ship's cat, but more about her in a later blog once she is settled.

Anyway, back to the rain. A couple of days ago, Barbara posted some pictures from Lymington that we have borrowed below, showing the yard after more heavy rain...

As you can see, there was quite a lot of standing water. Barbara sent us a message that Ron had kindly put our anchor down for us... hopefully it won't be needed.

You just have to love England in the summer!

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