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Warm and dry

On Tuesday we took our last trip to Lymington to see Jorvik Rose before the yard shuts down for Christmas. She has just come out of the paint shed after having the coachroof and toerail resprayed. Unfortunately the first time she was painted, the quality was not great so the painters had to sand everything down and start again, hence the delay in progress. On the bright side, at least she will be in the warm and dry over what looks to be a wet and windy Christmas break.

On the subject of delays, our new windscreen is only now being assembled in Denmark so this will not be shipped to us until the New Year. The new pushpit railing is also partially fabricated, with just the bases to be welded on after a trial fit.

It looks like the work will all be done by the end of January, at which point, on the topsides at least, Jorvik Rose will look new.

We still have a lot of internal work to complete, the electrical system installation (which will be finished as soon as the main genoa winch on the starboard side is refitted), the headlining replacement and the new navigation equipment. We have over 90 headlining panels currently in our garage awaiting new covering. Once this is done, we can refit the inside and install the new LED lights.

I am sure that we are going to have a very busy few months prior to hopefully launching in April getting all of the other jobs completed.

In the meantime, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family and a happy New Year.

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